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Breastfeeding and the Environment

Risks, Rights and Regulation
Communicating about Risks and Infant Feeding

by Penny Van Esterik
Dept. of Anthropology, York University, Canada
WABA Women & Work Task Force

To quote Anwar Fazal in his foreword in this book, ‘The great issues of the day transcend disciplines. To understand them you need the best of science and the arts and you need the best of ethics and action.’ This is what Risks, Rights and Regulation: Communicating about Risks and Infant Feeding aims to achieve.

This WABA publication provides a review of the rapidly accumulating scientific, medical, advocacy and social science literature on breastfeeding and environmental toxins. It highlights the difficulties of translating the toxicological evidence into language the public can understand and use, particularly in the face of commercial interests that benefit from casting doubts on breastfeeding. The book also examines the role of the media in sensationalising threats to breastfeeding, as well as advocacy initiatives to address this problem.

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The Nature of the Evidence
Matter of out Place
Consequences of Exposure To Contaminants
Infant Feeding Products
Risk and Public Communication
Advocacy Action
References Cited or Reviewed

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